Life Graph This graph just isn’t yet confirmed if accurate!

Life Graph This graph just isn’t yet confirmed if accurate!

  • Heatstroke: Gained from having a body-temperature that is high and stretched time period. Treated by having a towel that is wet.
  • Life Style

    Life Graph This graph is certainly not yet confirmed if accurate!

    Set upon reaching stage 4 based on the two greatest parameters.

    Testing is required to confirm if these are accurate

    • Getter: Greedy type, increases desires for meals and things.
    • Baby: loves to approach you and offer gift suggestions.
    • Driver: Independent kind whom likes to collect materials.
    • Controller: a sort that loves to sleep and sleep.
    • Excitement Seeker: has a tendency to move about and alter tasks.
    • Armchair: Enjoys the global globe at her very own rate. Loves to play and immerse in bathrooms.

    Another consumer: Mostly tested exept “Getter” what tested work therefore between 50 and 80% confirmed and dealing!


    Since the girl(s) go on the area their parameters will increase or decrease either, both by themselves and also by the players actions. Parameters impact the girls behaviour somewhat and can lead them to do specific actions a bit more often or work differently across the player.

    • Femininity (Pheromone): just How prone girls are to changing garments and wear the appropriate attire for the problem.
    • Trust (Reliability): how frequently she will tune in to your recommendations and proposals.
    • Humanity (explanation): Affects her behaviour whenever you catch her naked, going or bathing into the bathroom.
    • Instinct (Instinct): How many times she shall gather resources and shop them when you look at the upper body. Also impacts exactly just how fast she responds to her requirements (hunger, fatugue etc. )
    • Perversion (Dirty): How many times she gets horny. Greater prices will boost the success window of opportunity for accepting/initiating intercourse and exactly how often she masturbates.
    • Vigilance (Wariness): just How on-guard she will be all over player. Increased by getting her peeing, washing or becoming mean to her. Also may help avoid getting unwell
    • Sociability (Sociability): How many times she shall speak/interact with all the player as well as other girls.
    • Darkness (Darkness):


    These values that are hidden 0-100 control exactly just just what your ex is going to do. Whenever a desire reaches 70 or more that action shall be done (or terminated if an area to execute the action is not discovered) after which that value will decrease yet others enhance. If no desire are at 70 your ex will idle about and a desire will steadily increase (through the day search will increase and throughout the night sleep will increase) Offering the lady advice will sharply raise the matching value while bringing down other people. More research is necessary to decide how these values change.

    • Toilet – go right to the restroom
    • Bath – simply simply take a bath or shower
    • Rest – rest
    • Eat – eat
    • Break – remainder for a sofa or chair
    • Present – provide you with a gift
    • Wish – ask for product
    • Lonely – desire to talk
    • H – approach you for intercourse
    • Dummy
    • Search – accumulate product
    • Game – perform some leisure activity (read a written book, water flowers, ect. )
    • Cook – cook
    • Animal – having fun with animal (animal pet, crazy pet, chicken)
    • Location – change favorite base
    • Take in – beverage (water, coffee, juice)

    Girls faculties

    There are two main kinds of faculties for the girls, for a lifetime quality as well as for ecchi. These characteristics can be located as items (Presumably micro-chips) to be utilized on girls when you look at the equipment menu.

    Lifestyle quality characteristics.

    • Chatty ???

    Helps it be easier to talk to other Girls. When girls talk to one another it raises their relationship and Sociability, making them a lot more more likely to talk to other individuals.

    • Unkempt ???

    The heat legislation effectation of products is halved. A woman has to take in any beverage twice to achieve similar impact, but after dinking one thing a gilrs want to take in resets.

    • Simple ???

    Makes it much simpler for the girls’ mood to obtain better with compliments. This could also boost your success opportunities with compliments.

    • Klutz ???

    Often gets injured. A woman is almost certainly going to gain a personal injury from tasks that can cause them. Which also means you will see more opportunities to heal a girl that is injured.

    • Slacker ???

    Makes it much simpler to skip tasks and rest. This makes girls just simply take more breaks, assisting with regards to weakness, nonetheless they will additionally neglect other desires like eating and washing.

    • Hunter ???

    Causes it to be easier to grab abilities whenever obtaining things. Whenever a woman gets something (evidently additionally through gift ideas) they get more exp within the associated parameters.

    • Moody ???

    The mood that is naughty very likely to increase just a little. Randomly increases a girls’ slutty mood only a little, making invites for intercourse easier.

    • Achiever ???

    During actions, growth periodically increases faster than normal. A woman will often gain more exp from actions, helping to make her very likely to perform actions of this parameter that is same.

    • Happy ???

    Helps it be easier to get grade 2 products. Increases the opportunity of two celebrity products whenever gathering.

    • Rain Lover ???

    Goes outside even during rainy days. This might mean the lady isn’t any longer effected by the adverse effects of rainfall and it surely will increase her mood rather.

    • Distrustful ???

    Mood gets fairly even worse whenever a conversation that is naughty. It may also increase Vigilance (and Darkness) more whenever you fail.

    • Best Of Luck ???

    Makes it much simpler to grab grade 3 products. Increases the opportunity of three celebrity products whenever gathering.

    • Avarice ???

    Makes it much simpler when it comes to girls to request something. The woman is much more prone to need things away from you. Dependent on your resources this might or might not be a challenge.

    • Fastidious ???

    Mood gets far worse whenever she can not enter bathrooms. Depending as to how most likely your ex would be to have a shower, this could seriously reduced her mood.

    • Searching Maniac ???

    Causes it to be easier to go items that are gathering a shovel. Useful in the event that you presently want items which are far more typical in searching spots.

    • Curiosity ???

    Makes it much simpler to exhibit fascination with sexy conversations. You will often fail less at flirting, making it simpler to boost Perversion together with girls’ slutty mood.

    • Doer ???

    Increases motivation that is maximum 10%. This enables you to talk longer to girls prior to the discussion finishes.

    • Guts ???

    Helps it be harder to become suffering from warm status. A girl won’t overheat as quickly, meaning less maintanace but additionally less possibilities to deal with her.

    • Crop Knowledge ???

    It creates it simpler to go right to the areas and speed the growth up of crops. Very helpful if you’re growing lots of plants.

    • Lonely ???

    It gets easier to communicate with the key Character. The woman desires to specifically speak with you a lot more than usual.

    • Cursed Body ???

    I exchange for always winding up tired, nasty mood rises more rapidly and certainly will usually ask for sex. The woman sporadically gains naughtiness but additionally weakness. She will often collapse on the floor and needs to rest because she gains fatigue.

    • Collector ???

    Helps it be easier to get get things. Picking up things increases Instinct what once again increases her aspire to get things.

    • Beastmaster ???

    Helps it be easier to get cats. If you need a great amount of kitties without planning to gather those items needed to capture them, this can help you away.

    • Heat Wall ???

    Causes it to be harder to listen to that which you state whenever advising. Girls will not often listen as to your advise, meaning you cannot micromanage their needs as quickly.

    • Deep Darkness ???

    Whenever chatting along with other girls, one other woman’s tiredness accumulated. It is ambiguous if it indicates you speaking along with other girls or the girl utilizing the ability, but someones tiredness will increase, leading to more unconscious girls.

    • Sensitive ???